Likehorse prototype 0.5 is out!


Likehorse is the first no-pedal bike. It's fully electric. And it's just like a horse - intelligent, generous and ecological. It's also part of something bigger - Innovation and Education.

Why are there no pedals?

This is the most common question we get. Pedals make sure you get from point A to point B, don't they? So why did we exclude them?

If Likehorse had pedals, it wouldn't be Likehorse. It would just be a regular electric bike.

Likehorse does not have pedals because we want to show, that it doesn't need them. And it's not just a bold headed claim. With our first prototype (0.5) we managed to get a 40km distance range. Why would you need pedals then, anyways?

By removing pedals, gears and drivetrain we made Likehorse super simple to use, it got prettier and it's weight dropped rapidly as well.

Stay tuned for more informaton about Likehorse 1.0

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Posted by Daniel Kojnok

Daniel Kojnok
Daniel is the author and founder of Likehorse. He likes bikes, electric mobility and everything tech related. Contact Daniel