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You won't notice a difference at first glance. Only if you spot, that Likehorse has no-pedals! So how does it move? Do you have to be a Fred Flinstone to get it going? No you don't. Likehorse is 100% driven by electricity.

Ok, so you removed pedals. What else?

Likehorse is spectacular in various ways. Firstly, it's the first of its kind. I dare you to google a no-pedal bike :). (Do that later, first read this.) Here's what makes Likehorse revolutionary:

  • It delivers a message to society
  • It's super simple
  • It looks hip
  • It's smarter than a Labrador
  • Likehorse is 200% ecological

The message

Likehorse brings electromobility to masses. Just like Elon Musk's, our vision is crystal clear. No compromises. Pure electric. We want to change the bike industry.

We want to make electric bikes available for everyone. We want to make electric bikes look awesome. And we want to have them stuffed with high end technology while maintaining fresh looks.


"Sit and go!" Forget about complicated setup. Hop on the bike and cruise.

Charging is super easy - just park your Likehorse and plug it in a regular socket (220V). Not convenient? Take out the battery (in 5 seconds) and charge it in your office or public bathroom. (We suggest that you don't charge the battery pack at the airport, it's shaped like a dynamite :))

Hold on to your seats. Likehorse is 15kg light! Just like a regular commute bike (we use carbon to achieve that).

It's portable. Simply take off the front wheel and put it in the trunk of your car. It fit's most of the cars out there, except of Smart.

When riding Likehorse, you don't need a license plate, insurance or driving license, unlike a scooter.

It looks slick!

Likehorse has a simple, smooth and slick design. Forget about cables. The frame is consistent, without extra and dorky looking electric packs. All is built-in.

Accessories come hand to hand with nature - we use leather seats and handles.

Likehorse is intelligent

All parts of Likehorse - engine, batteries, frame, components - are high-end made from the best materials.

Connect Likehorse with your smarthphone. Check your distance, set the style of your ride (Basic, Eco, Turbo), see routes and navigation, lock Likehorse, manage lights and check the Safe system.

It's 2xEco friendly

It does not have any negative affect on environment. The costs of riding Likehorse are almost none.

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Posted by David Cacik

David Cacik
David is an experienced digital marketing guru. He takes care of Likehorse's marketing and works closely with the product and tech team. David likes sports, fishing and burgers. Contact David