What is Likehorse and who stands behind it?

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Folks tend to commute everyday the distance of under 20 kilometers. Driving a car is expensive and unecological. Getting stuck in traffic and finding a free parking spot can be nerve wrecking. If you're under 18, you can’t even have a driving license.

Public transport is a solution, however it has its cons as well. Riding a bike is ecological, healthy and cheap – but arriving to work or a business meeting all stinky and sweaty?

No thanks!


An electric bike.

It would be, if it wasn’t so heavy and ugly. Batteries and cables sticking out of the frame. Dorky design. Not a product for masses, really. In addition, pedaling along with using an electric motor is necessary.

Likehorse is a brand new way of transportation – The first no-pedal bike. Likehorse brings electromobility to masses. Likehorse combines simplicity, catchy design and the newest technology.

Who stands behind Likehorse?

The founder of Likehorse is Daniel Kojnok, a 17-year old bike enthusiast. He developed the first version of Likehorse while still in high school. He takes care of everything from crafting the idea of Likehorse and where it's heading to technical specs.

The rest of the team consists of tech, design and marketing professionals Viktor Gado, David Cacik, Peter Benkovsky, Ivan Marcinko, Marcel Galovic and Daniel Kojnok sr. Want to join our team? Send us an email!

More information to be released soon.

Posted by David Cacik

David Cacik
David is an experienced digital marketing guru. He takes care of Likehorse's marketing and works closely with the product and tech team. David likes sports, fishing and burgers. Contact David